Swim Meet, Saturday, June 27th

Posted by Eric D. Huffman on Jun 24 2020 at 11:19AM PDT

Intrasquad meet, Saturday, June 27th
Arrive at 7:30am, Outdoor setup in the front parking lot
Warm Up at 8:00am
Start at 9:00am – 12:00pm

-Volunteer list will be sent out on Thursday
-All spectators are required to wear masks when on the pool deck, or in the facility
-We will have front facility doors open for spectators
-Swimmers will enter the right side door like for practice
-swimmers will exit the back door like the end of practice
-Ready Area for all swimmers will be in front of the coach’s office
-Spectators will use the foyer restrooms
-Swimmers will use locker rooms from the pool deck (no swimmers in the foyer)
-No swimmers will be allowed to go through the building before/after races (keep the floor dry!)